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A child enters the stage, and in a twinkling a new family is born. From pure joy to utter despair – nothing is overwhelming as this first child! Becoming parents while staying partners – now the family needs teamworking skills to stay in balance!

The family and couples therapist Eva Tillmetz, who also trains other therapists, has studied this first stage of family life and developed the systemic family development game FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE, which promotes dialogue between parents to help them build a sustainable future. FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE is more than just a game – it can be used in a variety of ways as a stimulating tool in parental counselling, couples therapy and family education.

The challenges that the parents have to face and overcome change with every child, with every month, and with every year. Who will be the one to get up at night? Who will earn the family’s income? When can time be carved out for self-care? What influence do the parents’ families of origin have on the new family? And, last but not least: Where has the love gone?

All of the conflicts that typically arise during the first years of family life can be illustrated using FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE, as can issues emerging during later phases of family development. It thus becomes possible to view these challenges from a neutral perspective, making it easier to find solutions. Complex family system such as patchwork families or foster families can also be depicted using the game materials.


FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE is made up of life boards in six languages: English, Spain, Arabic, Chinese, German and Polish. Playing cards, whose attractive illustrations require no textual explanation, enable therapists and counsellors to quickly get in touch with parents with different educational backgrounds and language skills; it also means that counselling sessions can be conducted in the native language of migrant parents.

FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE is also available in a special family education edition as seminar material. Six parents (or parent couples) are able to develop and illustrate their own individual family model. This process helps to reveal their potential and opportunities for action.

FIB seminar materials are currently only available in German. Please contact us if you require seminar materials.

Globalisation means families are on the move. More and more families are becoming global families. Following the publication of the game’s English edition FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE, life boards in other languages are now available. FIB - Life boards FRENCH can be purchased individually as an expansion.

German and French editions of FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE can be ordered respectively through the German homepage FIB – FAMILIE IN BALANCE or the French FEE – FAMILLE EN ÉQUILIBRE.

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