Who was FIB developed for?

FIB – in therapy and counselling


The systemic educational game FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE offers a colourful, resource-packed way to start parental counselling and couples therapy. It engages parents on the level of their actions, from which their deeper emotional processes easily emerge. Guided by a therapist, couples play and discover their family system, developing solutions with which to create their own personal family balance. Single clients, whether they live with a partner or alone, are able to construct their family situation, resources and ideas for solutions in exactly the same way. FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE facilitates work with parents within the context of child and young adult therapy.


FIB – in parental education


The educational game, in which individuals can “play” their own lives, supports all forms of work with parents. Course participants construct their own family model using FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE.

Game sets made of paper are available for work in seminars. When using the seminar set, we recommend studying the game FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE and/or the textbook “Starting a family – a balancing act” as the theoretical background. FIB seminar materials are currently only available in German. Please contact us if you require seminar materials.

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FIB – in supervision


FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE extends the Regensburg Family Development Model developed by Eva Tillmetz. This model’s structured, multi-generational composition facilitates the formation of hypotheses. How do the family members in the various sub-systems affect one another? Both in contact with clients as well as in peer supervision contexts, hypotheses can thus be formed that structure the complexity of the problems presented and thus render them more straightforward, making it easier for them to be seen within a fresh overall context. When the source of a problem is revealed, therapeutic interventions are able to support the persons affected in finding a solution to their current issue.

FIB – advanced training with Eva Tillmetz

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FIB – FAMILY IN BALANCE in couples therapy

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